Friends & Patrons

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We are very grateful to our faithful group of Patrons and Friends that have been loyally supporting us for a number of years. Their generosity and support have really helped the Society to keep going. A reliable yearly income is a huge benefit in planning programmes and means we can budget more accurately.

We are very keen to increase the number of Patrons and Friends to help us go forward in a sustainable manner and we would love your support as either a Patron or Friend. A Friend contributes £30 per year and this special relationship with the choir is recognised by: > A newsletter with early notification of concerts > An invitation to the annual Friends and Patrons party > Recognition of support in TTS programmes. As a Patron you receive additional benefits in recognition of an annual donation of £150: > A complimentary top price ticket to all concerts > Free concert programmes > Separate interval or pre-concert complimentary drinks table > Acknowledgement of support of the Society in the programme > An invitation to the annual Friends and Patrons party. Please consider whether you could support TTS by becoming a Patron or a Friend of the Society. Speak to Carole at a concert or contact her at carolelowe’@’


We would like to recognise the important contribution of the following TTS Patrons:

Mrs Daphne Barnett
Ms Rosemary Burch
Mr J and Mrs J Clark
Mrs Caroline Cooper
Mrs Ann Dannatt
Dr Susan Doering
Prof Nigel Duncan
Mrs Deirdre Ellis
Mr Michael Ellis
Mr Alec Fitzgerald O’Connor
Mr Simon Gallie
Mr David Grindley
Revd and Mrs M Hatcher
Dr N Hervey
Gordon and Linda Humphries
Dr and Mrs E Hurst
Mr Robert John
Dr Thomas Kelen
Mr Peter Kinnison
Mr Graham Lane
Mrs Lorna Lloyd
Mr B & Mrs S Mauleverer
Ms Alex McColl
Mrs Janet McLeavy
Mr John O’Neill
Dr Mary-Clare Parker
Mr Steven Parker
Mr Adam Pollock
Mr Nigel Press
Mrs Julia Press
Dr David Quarmby
Mr Robert Ridyard
Dr C and Mrs S Robinson
Mr Henry Russell
Mrs Shirley Shelton
Mr S and Mrs J Standage
Ms Siobhan Smyth
Miss Mary Sutherland
Mrs Bee Twidale
Mr John Twidale
Mr Allan Watkins
Mr Richard Williams
Mrs Virginia Williams
Dr Charles Wynn-Evans


TTS Friends:

Mrs Stella Booth
Mrs Ursula Bowyer
Mrs Faith Clarke
Ms Sophie Cox
Dr C P Hanson-Abbott

Mr Richard Haydon
Mrs Linda Haydon
Mr Robert James
Ms Alison Leggatt
Mrs Leilia McKee
Mrs Carol Price
Mr Roger Price
Mr Paul Renney
Mr and Mrs P Sankey-Barker
Mr and Mrs A Seymour
Dr T C Stokes